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Transport from and to Turkmenistan

Simex and its consolidated transporters arrange departures to various destinations in Turkmenistan, predominantly to Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi. Owing to the extent of our services, we are able to take care of the entire process of your transport. There is much more to transport than the loading of a trailer, such as procuring the export documents necessary to complete a job. This is why we not only work with a large network of reliable transporters, but also internally work to ensure your work is done in the greatest of detail. We satisfy all your bureaucratic needs.

Transport To Turkmenistan

Everything under our control

The entire chain is held under our control, and goods are transported on our own wheels, using a proprietary national distribution and collection network. This guarantees maximum trustworthiness and the fastest transit times.

Turkmenistan is a country that has indicated a willingness to cooperate on all fronts, but experience has shown direction, supervision, and control to be of crucial importance. This is why we exert maximum control over your transport, ensuring every part of the transport process unfolds flawlessly.

We are here for you

Your transport will be carried out as efficiently as possible with the help of a transporter with a wealth of expertise. A combination of comprehensive knowledge of the market and daily departures guarantee your transport in Turkmenistan to be successful. We guarantee to respond as soon as possible to your quote request. Our team is available 24 hours a day, and more than willing to help you. Are you curious as to what we can do for you? Request a quote today! You can also contact one of our specialists.

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Safe storage
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