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Simex offers storage facilities in important locations throughout Europe. Our warehouses are safe places to store goods. We offer competitively-priced storage facilities equipped with electronic anti-theft measures, fire alarms, and monitored around-the-clock by security personnel.

In addition to storage, we offer a diverse portfolio of services that add value for our clientele, providing them with turnkey solutions, such as the packaging and labelling of goods.


Simex takes care of all the requisite approvals from the various parties involved in transport by sea, air, and land. We ensure a quick approval and delivery of your shipment, so as not to keep you or your clients waiting. The extent of this service covers all documentation, freight handling, and inspection of shipments.
Our staff keep informed of the latest updates regarding the procedures, rules, and regulations governing the industry, as well as customs limitations.

We offer:

  • Safe storage
  • Kit assembly
  • All required documentation
  • Packaging of your goods
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional 24/7 security

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